Let the Reader Beware.

Caveat Lector: I’m an aspiring constructive and systematic theologian.

The above caveat is a bold one -- one I say with much fear and trembling. The title "theologian" is, in my mind, a weighty one. What makes one a theologian? Is it academic accolade, ecclesial recognition, personal development, divine calling, or some combination? This has been, for me, the question of 2017 and will continue to be for 2018. Not only is this a professional question but also an acutely personal one. As an "aspiring" theologian, who I am now affects who I want to be, and vice versa. And, perhaps, it is the "who" of the theologian that matters more than "what" of the theologian. Who is this one that reads and learns, writes and communicates, corrects and is corrected? The particular "who" of this time and (web)space is Sooho Lee. 


Does the world need yet another theology blog? Perhaps not. But the present site's curator does not need nor want the whole world's attention (a clue: the fact that the domain is merely a name rather than, say, "theologyfortheworld.com"). Instead, the curator seeks a more modest (yet maybe more self-centered) goal: honing the writing/communicating craft. 

Writing is a craft. Hone that craft, Sooho.
— various sources

More than once, I have heard the above advice -- several times from just one professor! Writing is still one of the theologian's ultimate tools. To neglect this craft would be foolishness. Thus, I will hone that craft, here on this platform. Theology has a bad and often accurate reputation for being elitist, confusing, long-winded, and dreary, but let it not be so, here! 

Another more personal goal for this (web)space is facing the fear of vulnerability. Writing, especially good ones, are almost always vulnerable acts. As an aspiring constructive and systematic theologian, where the who matters more than the what, vulnerability is almost an inevitability. And may it be so. 

Cheers and beware, readers.

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